North American Studies


North American Studies was born in the context of collaboration between CISAN, the Center for Research on North America and the multi and interdisciplinary research Unit of Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico UNAM, and OpenAIRE. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the integration and automated intercommunication between digital platforms in North America and Europe and become a leading platform for North America Studies which will facilitate communication among the community.

In this community scholars, teachers, students, policy stakeholders, journalists and anyone interested in the validated information of the region will be very welcome and able to find easy and directly research outputs on North American Studies, enriching and updating their knowledge from very diverse perspectives and origins in a single portal.

The platform is managed by MiCISAN, the institutional repository of CISAN, whose purpose is collecting research on North American research findings. With OpenAIRE collaboration, it will be possible the integration, organization, protection and dissemination of the CISAN’s scientific products, and similar scientific sources and resources by following the OpenAIRE guidelines and FAIR Principles, in the frame of Open Science.

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